• Meet Gary Ann Williams

    Gary Ann Williams moved into a St. Mary apartment community intending to die. She was suffering from numerous health issues, going blind, and had convinced herself she only had a few months left. Four years later, Gary Ann is thriving. You can see it in her bright and welcoming smile, her feisty personality, and her contagious inner glow that nearly radiates like an aura around her. Her apartment is filled with postcards from loved ones, arts and crafts she made at her community center, and a Braille typewriter – a symbol of both her latest hobby and her acknowledging that death is much further away than she thought. Gary Ann isn’t just medically healthy; she’s holistically well.

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    Meet Ron Lewis

    Every day, Ron Lewis wakes up in his Lyons Place II apartment and celebrates his five years of sobriety. He cranks up gospel music, waters his plants, works on his latest piece of art, and thanks God for his many blessings. When Ron came to Lyons Place II, he was newly sober and homeless; it was a critical time for him. One misstep, like moving in with a friend from his former life, could cause a life-threatening setback. But that’s not what happened. Ron applied to live at a St. Mary community, and on the day he got his keys, made a decision to be clean for the rest of his life because he couldn’t fathom the idea of losing his new apartment. Today Ron is full of life, energy, and love, and still living happily and healthily at Lyons Place II.

  • Meet Patrick Steineman

    When Patrick Steineman found out about Lyons Place II, he was living in a mobile home and sleeping on a mattress on the floor. It was the middle of winter in Ohio, a typical bitter January, but more so for Patrick; his trailer didn’t have a working furnace. Unfortunately, hardship was normal for Patrick – he served in Vietnam for nearly four years, grew up with an abusive and alcoholic stepfather, and lost his mother to cancer – all before his 26th birthday. But that hardship largely ended when Patrick moved into Lyons Place II. He quickly developed a vibrant social life with his war buddies in the building, and made his home a space he could be proud of. In late 2019, Patrick passed away. We were honored to help make his final days more dignified and comfortable.

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  • Meet a few more of St. Mary's dynamic residents