• The Business of Aging:

    Housing, Healthcare, Technology

    The 2020 Business of Aging is over, but you can still access a collection of research and resources from our expert keynote speaker and panelists, and watch a video of the event. Click the link below and complete the form to get FREE access to:

    • The complete 2020 video including keynote address and panel discussion
    • "How Towns & Cities Can Become Talent Magnets and Stay That Way," the keynote address slides by Dominic Endicott
    • "Reimagine our Society for Current and Future Aging," a white paper by Dominic Endicott
    • St. Mary Research report: "Technology Ownership and Usage Among Seniors in Affordable Housing Communities"

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  • Business of Aging Virtual Event

    This year's focus: Technology and older people

    This year's free virtual event kicks off with a keynote address by venture capitalist, Dominic Endicott, who will discuss how changing cities and towns will impact older people, and how we need to begin planning today for the "future old." His remarks will cover how planning needs to include housing, healthcare and technology and how they intersect.


    Following the keynote, our panel discussion will cover topics including:

    • How has the COVID crisis changed the way older people use technology?
    • What technology trends will have the greatest impact as we grow older?
    • What are the HIPPA and privacy concerns around using telehealth?
    • What are the challenges and fears of older people using new technology?
    • How has telehealth during COVID changed patient care and what are some best practices?
    • How will investment in healthcare technology by non-healthcare companies (e.g., Best Buy) influence the future of healthcare?
    • How will technology be integrated into the home and the way we live?
    Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask questions. Past events received rave reviews, including: "Very impressed by the level of knowledge of the panel!" and "The panel was excellent!" Use the link below to reserve your spot and register today.

  • Keynote speaker

    Dominic Endicott

    Partner, Nauta Capital

    Dominic is a dual UK/US citizen, born in England, raised in Catalonia, and currently operating between Winchester, England and Boston in New England. He studied at the London School of Economics and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was a partner and head of North America at Cluster Consulting, a start-up firm focused on launching mobile operators, which grew from zero to $100 million in revenue in 8 years, and was acquired by Diamond Technology Partners in 2000. The founding team at Cluster set up Nauta Capital in 2005 (AUM $400 million), and Dominic set-up and managed Nauta’s US operations. At Nauta, he led the first venture capital investment in Great Call, a US-based firm oriented around technology for older customers and care-givers. Great Call grew from $1 million revenue at investment to around a $300 million revenue and was acquired by Best Buy in 2018 for $800 million. While remaining active at Nauta, Dominic is currently in the process of setting up 4Gen Ventures, a Venture capital firm out of London/Boston focused on the global opportunity from this macro-trend.





    Denise Anthony, Ph.D.
    Professor of Health Management & Policy, School of Public Health, University of Michigan

    Denise Anthony is Professor of Health Management & Policy in the School of Public Health and also the Director of the Masters in Health Informatics Program at the University of Michigan.

    Her research explores the social dynamics of cooperation, trust, and privacy in a variety of social settings, from healthcare to workplaces, to smart homes and online. Some of her current projects include research on racial disparities in the use of telehealth during COVID, the role of trust in the use of health technologies, and examining the security and privacy implications of Smart Homes as part of the National Science Foundation funded SPLICE Project.



    Frieda Bennett, Ph.D.
    Del Mar Fellow in Technology, St. Mary Development Corporation

    Frieda is a retired college educator and administrator. During her thirty-eight year career, she taught courses in software applications, business, and organizational leadership at Sinclair Community College and Wright State University. Her experiences as a classroom teacher and training facilitator for corporate clients provided opportunities to work with populations diverse in age, ethnicity, and socio-economic backgrounds. Currently, Dr. Bennett is a Del Mar Encore Fellow through The Dayton Foundation working on a project to identify the digital literacy of residents and explore technologies that can be used to help reduce the disparity of access to services and healthcare for those living in the St. Mary Development Corporation communities.

  • Panelist

    Melissa Butler, MD
    Director, Years Ahead Health Center, Kettering Health Network

    The Years Ahead Health Center is a unique, primary-care center specifically designed for people approaching the years ahead. In addition to healthcare, the Center provides education, training, and community events focused on healthy lifestyles. Kettering Health Network is proud to feature specialists discussing topics important to helping patients get back to an active lifestyle.


    Dr. Butler is certified with the American Board of Internal Medicine and has received the following honors and awards: Albert A. Brust, MD, Internal Medicine Residency Award of Excellence and the Ambulatory Medicine Special Recognition Award, both from Kettering Medical Center, and the Helen L. Popoway First Place Resident Research Award in the Clinical Case Study Category.




    Scott Collins
    Chairman & CEO , Link-age

    Scott is the Chairman & CEO of Link·age Solutions which provides group purchasing solutions to more than 825 senior living locations throughout the US; Link-age Ventures which provides private-equity investment in early stage companies with products, services & technology for older adults; and Link-age Connect which provides market research services to companies wanting to better understand the aging consumer. Scott also serves on the Board of Managers as well as the Investment Committees of the Ziegler Link-age Longevity Private Equity Fund and the Ziegler Link-age Fund II. Scott is also a nationally-recognized speaker and expert in healthcare and the longevity economy. He has provided counsel to the UK Foreign Investment Council and spoken at the Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit, the prestigious “What’s Next” conference, the Continuing Care at Home National Conference, and Innov8 for Health as well as LeadingAge, and the Gerontological Society of America’s Scientific Conference.


    Tim Bete

    President, St. Mary Development Corp.

    Tim joined St. Mary Development 17 years ago, taking over as President in 2013 and leading the faith-based organization through a transformation combining its affordable senior independent-living communities with service coordintation that addresses negative social determinants of health in residents. He has served on boards of a nursing home, housing and homelessness organizations and currently serves on LeadingAge Ohio's housing subcomiittee. Tim is a graduate of the Achieving Excellence in Community Development at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government and also has an MBA from Indiana University. He has a lifelong love for technology and owned one of the very first Mac computers in 1984.





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  • Get the FREE Technology Report

    In 2019, St. Mary Development conducted a research study to compare technology use and attidues of lower-income older people with those in the general population. To get your free copy of Technology Ownership and Usage Among Seniors in Affordable Housing Communitities, click on the button below and complete the request form. The study was conducted with funding from The Dayton Foundation and in conjunction with Link-age Connect, a national research firm.


    Focus: Social Determinants and Older People

    Positive social determinants of health (SDOH) are the social, economic, and environmental conditions that help older adults maintain their health and well-being. In the Dayton area, there is a significant difference in life expectancy based on the zip code in which you live, with some zip codes predicting a life expectancy 20 years greater than others. This difference is largely due to SDOH, including food access, safe housing, affordable transportation and ability to navigate healthcare services. The panel will discuss the impact of SDOH in our communities as well as the opportunities to improve SDOH in the future. Our 2019 panel included:


    Amy Riegel, Director of Housing at CareSource

    Amy is designing a new division of CareSource, Life Services, which addresses the Social Determinants of Health, focusing on integrating health and housing. Prior to joining CareSource, Amy was the Manager of Community Development for the City of Dayton.


    Maddy Shea, Principal at Health Management Associates

    Maddy has decades of health policy and program experience, including serving as Deputy Director of the Office of Minority Health at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and Director of the Office of Population Health Improvement in the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. In her current role, she provides consulting services for state and county departments of health and human services, non-profits, health plans, and community organizations and hospital systems.


    Natalynne Baker, Director of St. Mary Connect at St. Mary Development Corp.

    Natalynne leads the St. Mary team of Service Coordinators who help connect more than 800 low-income seniors and families to services that improve their quality of life. Over the past five years, St. Mary Connect has saved tax-payers more than $38 million by helping seniors in our housing communities live independently and avoid moving to a nursing home.


    Melissa Butler, MD, Medical Director of Years Ahead Health Center at Kettering Health Network

    Melissa is a highly-skilled Internist serving Centerville and surrounding communities at the Years Ahead Health Center. The Center is a unique, primary care facility specifically designed for people approaching the years ahead. It includes education, training, and community events focused on a healthy lifestyles and is part of the Kettering Health Network.


    Focus: The Changing Landscape or Aging

    Every day, 10,000 people turn 65 in the United States. Seniors are one of the largest growing demographic group in the Miami Valley, too. St. Mary Development Corporation hosts the annual Business of Aging event in conjunction with the Dayton Business Journal. A Business Journal editor moderates a panel of experts on senior trends in housing, technology, healthcare and other topics, as we explore the Business of Aging in the Miami Valley. During the summit, attendees hear directly from the people who are change leaders in the senior sector. Our 2018 panel included:

    • Tim Bete, President of St. Mary Development Corporation
    • Kate de Medeiros, Associate Professor of Gerontology, Department of Sociology and Gerontology at Miami University
    • Scott Collins, President/CEO of Linkage
    • Kathryn Brod, President/CEO of LeadingAge Ohio

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    "Very impressed by the level of knowledge of the panel!"

    "Very informative and insightful. It increased by awareness of societal trends."

    "The panel was excellent. Worth getting up early to attend!'