• Since integrating the AASC Online data collection system in 2014, our commitment to serving our residents has only grown stronger. With over 2,200 unique residents connected to an impressive 179,000 individual services and the facilitation of 2,800 group educational service programs, our track record speaks volumes.

    In 2022 alone, we achieved a significant milestone by connecting 80% of our residents to essential services. Among the most sought-after were healthcare, benefits/insurance, and food assistance, reflecting our dedication to addressing crucial needs. In feedback, 61% of residents reported saving money through our services, while 67% expressed gratitude for enabling them to maintain their independence. Dive into our offerings and discover how we're empowering our community, one service at a time.

  • Services Provided by St. Mary Development

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    Healthcare Services


    We help residents find primary care physicians, home healthaides, dentists, rehab facilities and more. Through dozens of healthcare
    partnerships including clinics, hospitals, private physicians, and public
    health agencies we connect residents to services that best meet their needs. Through one-on-one meetings with residents, we collect HIPAA-compliant data about chronic illnesses and trends.

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    Navigating Medicare, Medicaid and other insurance programsis extremely difficult for most residents. Whether it's trying to understand
    medical jargon or difficulty accessing online health portals, we're available
    to assist. Our relationship with health payers such as CareSource. Buckeye,
    Molina and Anthem allow us to advocate for those we serve and ensure they getthe appropriate care.

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    Meals & Food 


    Whether it's signing residents up for SNAP, coordinatingmobile grocery visits, holding nutrition education programs, or delivering food
    boxes during COVID, we ensure residents have enough to eat and are able to get healthy foods.

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    Mental Health


    Our Prevention Specialists are trained to teach the WISE program (Wellness Initiative for Senior Education) to improve resident mental
    health. We refer residents to therapy partners and routinely receive grants
    from the Ohio Department of Mental Health for mental health and substance abuse prevention. All our staff are trained on mental health issues and interventions.

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    We meet residents' needs through both mass transit and individual transportation solutions. We've owned as well as hired bus services and ensure residents know about insurance-provided transportation for medical and therapy visits. We even educate about private services such as Uber, Lyft, and GoGoGrandparent, and have created bike-share programs.

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    Case Management & Advocacy


    Residents often have difficulty connecting to services andovercoming bureaucratic hurdles necessary to qualify. Whether it's
    participating in a call to a health insurer, helping get a new Social Security
    Card, explaining veterans benefits or giving appointment reminders, we're here to help.