• We're looking for a talented VISTA worker to help rock our communications.

    Details below.

  • Marketing and Communication Specialist

    AmeriCorps VISTA

    The Marketing and Communications Specialist position is designed to strengthen communications both within and outside the organization in an effort to increase financial support for St. Mary Development Corporation Resident Services Program. This will be achieved through all forms of communications including but not limited to Social media platforms, print/direct mail, grant applications and all other forms of communication.


    Essential Job Functions/responsibilities:

    • Review company literature and research other forms of communication.
    • Assist and support survey project including evaluation of content.
    • Prepare and assist in the application of grant applications.
    • Create marketing and promotional materials, both print and electronic.
    • Work on advertising concepts for timely and useable promotional campaigns
    • Copyedit, proofread, and revise communications.
    • Design and launch email marketing as they relate to fundraising.
    • Recommend and improve web and social media content messaging
    • Plan and deliver educational materials for distribution.
    • Promote products and services through public relations initiatives.
    • Develop and implement a marketing campaign for #GivingTuesday.
    • Assist in the creation of press releases, media relations content pages, case studies, white papers, corporate newsletter content, social media content, and PowerPoint presentations.
    • Identify and develop a communications strategy with potential media outlets.
    • Research media and industry trends for enhanced communications.
    • Develop fresh story ideas through resident interviews.
    • Coordinate scheduling and logistics for the creation of direct mail & online marketing
    • Coordinate conference, trade shows, display tables
    • Monitor social channels for trending news, ideas and memes, then capitalize on those trends through our social media accounts.
    • Assist with all areas of communications for one fundraising event.

    Education & Experience:

    • Strong research skills in public and private funding resources
    • Creative graphic design skills
    • Comfort with creating video messaging uses
    • Strong attention to detail
    • Must be experienced in online marketing and social media strategies/platforms
    • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite
    • Exceptional written and verbal communications skill

    Does your organization require a separate application? Yes

    Minimum age: 21

    Desired education level: Bachelor of Science or Arts in one of the following areas:



    Internet Technology


    Skills you would like your VISTA Member to possess – check all that apply:

    ___ Counseling

    _x_ Leadership

    ___ Architectural Planning

    ___ Medicine

    ___ Business/Entrepreneur

    ___ Public Health

    _x_ Communications

    _x_ Public Speaking

    _x_ Community Organization

    ___ Recruitment

    _x_ Computers/Technology

    ___ Teaching/Tutoring

    ___ Conflict Resolutions

    ___ Trade/Construction

    ___ Education

    _x_ Writing/Editing

    ___ Fine Arts/Crafts

    ___ Youth Development

    ___ First Aid

    ___ General Skills

    _x_ Fundraising/Grant Writing

    _X_ Other: _____Videography_________

    ___ Law


    Do you have any language requirements?

    Candidate must have a mastery of the English language – both written and oral.


    All VISTAs must apply via the VISTA portal. Therefore, if you are an interested candidate you must apply ASAP by going to http://www.americorps.gov/, clicking on “Join AmeriCorps!” choosing Ohio on the drop down list, and searching for our position.


    Below is important information about the VISTA program:

    • A modest living allowance ($990 a month before taxes) paid for by CNCS.
    • Choice of either an end of term education award or monetary stipend.
    • VISTAs are prohibited from participation in religious instruction or proselytizing and from participation in political activity (partisan or nonpartisan) while on duty or perceived to be on duty as a VISTA.  VISTAs are prohibited from collecting political contributions during the entirety of their VISTA service year.  No exceptions.
    • VISTAs are required to serve at least 37.5 hours per week.
    • VISTAs can attend school part-time while they serve, but please make sure that their schedule does not interfere with regular service.

    If you would like more information about St. Mary Development Corporation

    go to our website at www.StMaryDevelopment.org.


    Contact person: Cathy Campbell, Director of Philanthropy at

    (937) 277-8149, ext. 208 or email her at ccampbell@smdcd.org.